Community Coins.

A valuation system for local voluntary efforts

At the intersection of paid work and voluntary work: earn Community Coins with your local activities.

To volunteer and get valued for it. In a pilot in Eindhoven, the Possible Today Foundation is investigating the effect of such an innovative system. The foundation designed a volunteer recognition system. Together with Fontys and the Ik Wil Foundation we are testing the platform and measuring the impact.

Community Coins are based on time. Every hour you do voluntary work is valued with a new kind of digital currency, a Community Coin. You can redeem your coins at local shops for discounts on products and services. As a volunteer, you reduce daily costs so you have more means to contribute.

Social and sustainable

Community Coins facilitate new ways of living, working and consuming for a more social and sustainable world. By appreciating volunteers for their efforts, more people can commit themselves sustainably to projects that make a positive contribution to society. Possible Today consciously seeks cooperation with recycling initiatives.

Tech for good

The Community Coins website and app are accessible on all devices, such as your smartphone, tablet and laptop. The coins go into a digital wallet, complete with blockchain technology and QR codes. This enables a fast, cheap and safe exchange and automatically creates a transaction overview. This is how you build a social CV as a volunteer. And it helps voluntary organisations to measure the impact their volunteers make.

Appreciating voluntary efforts makes
local communities more active and resilient

What does Community Coins add?

The Community Coins platform empowers people to get moving and make local communities more resilient. This recognition system is more than earning coins and getting discounts. With Community Coins we make voluntary efforts smart: flexible, visible, transparent and measurable.

Why does Community Coins work with blockchain technology?

What activities you do as a volunteer and how long: all that information is stored in the blockchain, just like the number of coins earned. The movement of each coin can be followed. So it tells the story of all social activities in which it is involved. This ultimately applies to the entire community, supported by local shops and companies.

Is Community Coins just about appreciation for volunteering?

No, it goes much further. In addition to the appreciation in coins, the platform also maps the development of volunteers with a social CV. Community Coins also increases consumer awareness by tackling waste and footprint problems.