Support Greek cooperatives by buying fair products

Possible Today Foundation organises import campaigns under the name Solid.Greece. The sale of eco products such as olive oil, olives and soaps directly supports Greek cooperatives. This short-chain approach strengthens alternative economies. Pure fair trade.

Why Greece?

More than one in six Greeks is unemployed. More than half of the Greek population lives below the poverty line. In addition, nearly one hundred thousand refugees are stranded in Greece. Under these conditions small-scale, local and democratic cooperatives emerge. Solid.Greece connects local production directly with Dutch consumers – without middlemen.

Another Europe

Possible Today works together with various organisations for the import campaigns. We work with a network in Belgium, Germany, Austria and Greece. Together we are committed to a social economy. Towards a Europe where local, self-managing initiatives flourish.

Short-chain products: sustainable and fair

Oil the Greek economy!